Research group - Cultural and Spatial Environment

The objects of the research of the scientific group: the space surrounding a person - created, transformed, and adapted to his/her needs as a reservoir and catalyst of various social, cultural, economic processes. The term "environment" in this context includes objects of various scales: buildings, groups of buildings, urban structures, and the natural and anthropogenic landscape. 

The object of research is viewed from the positions of spatial determinism, which from the methodological point of view is conditioned by the architectural education of potential members of the primary nucleus of the group and requires a complex and inevitably interdisciplinary approach to the study of architectural objects. This, in turn, means focusing on group research, not on traditional descriptive methods of art research, but the use of quantitative analysis methods in various fields of science (eg. mathematics, statistics, informatics, semiotics, logic, etc.) for qualitative analysis of spatial structures.


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