Research group - Civil Society and Sustainability

The group focuses its research on fundamental attention to the dimensions of civil society and sustainable human development. Group researchers aim at exploring and explaining threats and challenges for sustainable, secure civil society, and providing research-based solutions for strengthening the civil society in Lithuania.

Research group fosters inter-disciplinary dialogue and methodologically sound research in these research topics:

  • Civil society, third sector, social innovations;
  • Democracy, political culture, political behavior, citizenship;
  • Environment and society, social transformations in climate crisis;
  • Risk and security studies;
  • Social impact of technologies, citizen science;
  • Sustainable human development, social inequality, social welfare.


Priorities of R&D Activities Smart Cities and Resilient Communities
Lithuanian Smart Specialization Areas and Priorities
Inclusive and creative society
Research Fields
Organisational Development
Public Administration
Sustainable Energy



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