Research group - Civil Society and Sustainability

The identity of research group is defined by fundamental attention to the dimensions of civil society and sustainable human development.Group researchers aim at exploring and explaining threats and challenges for sustainable, secure civil society and providing research based solutions for strengthening civil society in Lithuania.


Priorities of R&D Activities Smart Cities and Resilient Communities
Lithuanian Smart Specialization Areas and Priorities
Inclusive and creative society
Research Fields
Organisational Development
Public Administration
Sustainable Energy



Doctoral students

1. Mickevičiūtė Evelina Sociology Motivation of citizens and researchers to participate in citizen science
1. Paulius Klikūnas Political Sciences International donors’ role in operationalising industry 4.0 enabled technologies as a part of the security sector reforms (ssr) delivery to beneficiary countries
1. Natalia Ewa Beldyga Sociology Community Resilience to Crises in Anthropocene: the Role of Human Values
2. Jonė Vitkauskaitė-Ramanauskienė Sociology Interventional models aimed at changing attitudes and behavior of the Lithuanian population in pursuit of climate neutrality in the transport sector
3. Audris Narbutas Political Sciences Kodėl vienus merus perrenkame, o kitų ne: esamojo atstovo pranašumas tiesioginiuose Lietuvos merų rinkimuose
4. Laima Zakaraitė Political Sciences Moral Imagination and the Decision of Political Leader
5. Augustė Nalivaikė Political Sciences State-church relations in Lithuania: a case of informal institutions
6. Vytautas Valentinavičius Political Sciences Setting of the Public Policy Agenda in Lithuania after the Restoration of Independence: Factors Determining the Public Policy Agenda-Setting
7. Vishnu Muraleedharan Political Sciences Immigrant Crisis and Sanctuary City Policy; An Analysis of the Mediatization and Contemporary Politics in Florida
8. Titty Varghese Political Sciences Mediatized political communication in the context of violence against women in South Indian state of Kerala
9. Agnė Budžytė Sociology The Risk Perception and Social Acceptability of Energy Technologies in the Context of Climate Change
10. Ramunė Miežanskienė Sociology Expression of Legal Culture of Foreign Citizens in Lithuania
11. Vidas Vilčinskas Sociology Sociological Explanation of Europeans Climate Change Attitude-Behaviour Gap



Research services