Research group - Sustainable Management and Educational Solutions for Competitiveness Growth

Research group mission – identification of problems in management, economics, finance, law, marketing and education, the search of new solutions for organization management and development of sustainable tools by applying the synergy of scientific research and organizational practice. Topics of research: 1. Organizational processes and sustainable management solutions for increasing competitiveness. The research focuses on the dimensions of economic and social environments and deals with the evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of organizational processes, with the aim to optimize them in all the stages of value creation chain, challenging the prevailing organizational values related to socially responsible practice.2. Educational empowerment and employability. The research emphasizes the active participation of different social groups not only in the labour market, but also in the societal life. Human potential to effectively act in different educational environments is under investigation by applying leadership skills and fostering the sustainability dimension of such leadership. The research results help identifying the possibilities of youth employment and self-employment and developing favourable conditions for their participation in labour market and their economic and social entrepreneurship. The positive impact of sustainable leadership in education is explored for school management and teaching improvement.


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