Research group - Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Modelling

Vision – Research Group of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Modelling is a leader in the field of mathematics application in various fields of science and industry, not only in Lithuania, but also in the Baltic States, and a reliable and well-known partner of science and business institutions both nationally and internationally.

Mission of the Research Group of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Modelling is to implement applied, mathematical research, interdisciplinary national and international science projects, develop new methods, models and technologies, provide analysis and other services to meet the national needs; to facilitate the involvement of young scientists in the existing research subgroups or their becoming as the initiators and leaders of research subgroups. It is a group that participates in all stages of studies and provides services to Lithuanian and international economic entities.


Priorities of R&D Activities Digital Transformation
Smart Cities and Resilient Communities
Transformation of Industry
Lithuanian Smart Specialization Areas and Priorities
Energy and sustainable environment
Health technologies and biotechnologies
Inclusive and creative society
Information and communication technologies
New production processes, materials and technologies
Smart, clean, connected transport
Research Fields
Applied Mathematics
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Information and Communication Technologies
Sustainable Energy



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