External PhD

Possibility to acquire doctor of science degree in one year

Doctor of Science degree externally


A possibility for those who hold their master’s degree or equivalent qualification of higher education and have already prepared a doctoral dissertation, may apply for possibility to acquire a doctor of science degree externally.


The requirements for an external doctoral student

A candidate has published a science monograph or announced the key results of the dissertation at least in two articles, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals:

  • In the areas of humanities and social sciences – at least in two articles in the peer-reviewed scientific journals, one of them is published in the international publication, if more than a half of the members of its editorial board are representatives of the country other than the one the publication is published in, or in science monograph;
  • In the areas of physical sciences and technologies – at least in two articles in the international scientific journals with impact factor in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (CA WoS) database;

A candidate has already prepared his/her dissertation.


Request for external dissertation defense


Request for defense of a doctoral dissertation is submitted by the extern to the University’s Rector. The following documents are attached to the request:

  • Dissertation manuscript or published science monograph;
  • List of scientific articles and their electronic copies;
  • Copies of master’s diploma or equivalent diploma of higher education and its supplement (appendix);
  • Copies or extracts of protocols of approved examinations of doctoral studies (if any);
  • Curriculum vitae, description of scientific and artistic activities.




Doctoral Committee of the science field examines the submitted material within 3 months from the date of receipt of the request at the latest and decides, is manuscript of the dissertation or published science monograph complies with the requirements applied to doctoral dissertations. If a positive decision is made, the doctoral committee performs the following actions under procedure stipulated in the Regulation on Doctoral Studies:

  • Appoints a scientific consultant;
  • Establishes the subjects to be studies during doctoral studies and the terms for their examinations;
  • Assembles examination commission (commissions);
  • Dissertation has to be defended one year after the date of decision making at the latest.


The external student, who receives permit of the doctoral committee, defends his/her dissertation in accordance with the requirements of the regulation on doctoral studies. The external student covers only the expenses of the institution directly related to the acquisition of doctor degree. If doctoral committee rejects the external student’s request for dissertation defense, he/she can repeatedly submit a request for dissertation defense no sooner than after a period of one year.


Akvilė Mogenienė
Doctoral Studies Projects manager

Studentų g. 50, Kaunas
LT-51368, Lithuania

Email: akvile.mogeniene@ktu.lt