Production of Environmentally Friendly Ca/Si Composite Materials (AKASIM)


Project no.: P-MIP-17-300

Project description:

In this work it is planned to create an environmentally friendly and economically attractive synthesis technology of multifunctional anhydrous Ca/Si composite compounds and to propose their perspective application fields. During implementation of the project is expected to achieve a complex effect: due to increase of the reactivity of Ca/Si compounds and the stability of their modifications, to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emission by 25-30 %; to intercalate into the structure of products and utilized gaseous- and supercritical-CO2; with creating of new, durable and mechanically strong cementitious materials to extend a range of functional oxide products.
In order to evaluate the reaction mechanism, calcium silicates/hydrates first of all will be synthesized from CaO and SiO·nH2O and then from AlF3 production waste–silica gel and natural Lithuanian raw materials, including Karpėnai limestone, Stoniškis opoka and Anykščiai quartz sand.
In this work will be determinate the influence of hydrothermal/microwave synthesis conditions on formation of intermediate compounds sequences, their stability intervals, and also on the purity, dispersion and crystal lattice parameters of products, will be examine the effect of tribochemical activation and solid state sintering conditions on the stability of nano-sized calcium silicates and their hydraulic activity, will be investigate the influence of gaseous- and supercritical-CO2 on hardening process of the products, their chemical/mineralogical composition, structure and properties. During implementation of the project will be calculate the energy and CO2 balances for the production of anhydrous Ca/Si composite compounds, and compare with analogues data during the manufacture of OPC. It is planned to create technological recommendations for the industry on the synthesis and activation of anhydrous calcium silicates, as well as to evaluate the possibilities of application of unconventional mutifuctional Ca/Si composite compounds for wollastonite ceramics and fillers in plastics, paint and paper industries.
Project activities will be created in collaboration with foreign scientists and Lithuanian industry.

Project funding:

Projects funded by the Research Council of Lithuania (RCL), Projects carried out by researchers’ teams

Project results:

The environmentally friendly and economically attractive synthesis technology of unconventional multifunctional anhydrous Ca/Si composite compounds will be created, which will allow to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emission by 25-30 % during the production of new, durable and mechanically strong cementitious materials; extend the range of functional oxide materials; to utilise CO2 by intercalating it into the structure of mentioned compounds; to ensure the re-use of secondary raw materials.
The gained experience and competence will allow to perform high quality international research works, which results will be published in scientific journals and applied in business area and also will allow to extend and prepare new international and national research and experimental development projects, which results will be used in practise by creating new functional materials.
The obtained project results will be very relevant for modern production of alternative cementitious materials, fillers, medical implants and chemistry industries and also will make presumptions for continuing the higher technology development.
This is confirmed by Lithuanian companies, which agreed to take part in this project

Period of project implementation: 2017-09-01 - 2020-09-30

Project coordinator: Kaunas University of Technology

Raimundas Šiaučiūnas

2017 - 2020

Department of Silicate Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology

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