Perovskite Thin-film Photovoltaics (PERTPV)


Project no.: 763977

Project description:

Solid state alkylammonium lead halide perovskite solar cells have recently emerged as the latest thin-film photovoltaic device class. High power conversion efficiencies (22 %) and stabilities (> 1000 hours at 80 °C under 1 sun illumination) have been obtained using labscale processes using small cell areas. The building blocks of the perovskite materials are very low cost and the processing into the final perovskite is achieved in a low temperature fast process making these materials very cost efficient, allowing for a LCOE of 3-6 $cents/Kwh. These achievements are impressive yet to make perovskite solar cells a real alternative for photovoltaic devices they must be prepared using up-scalable methods and on larger area cells and modules.

Project funding:

The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation “Horizon 2020”

Project results:

To realize high efficiency (22-30 %) perovskite solar cells using processes that are compatible with large- scale large-area industrial production via single and multiple junction devices with long term operational stability surpassing the international electronics commission (IEC) certification and capable of delivering photovoltaic solar energy at less than 0.03 €KWhr.

Period of project implementation: 2018-04-01 - 2021-09-30

Project coordinator: University of Oxford

Project partners: Italian Institute of Technology, Kaunas University of Technology, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, APEVA SE, University of Valensia, SOLENNE BV, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, OXFORD PHOTOVOLTAICS LIMITED, Northwestern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM)

Vytautas Getautis

2018 - 2021

Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Technology