DIG-MAN: Integration of digital tools into product development and manufacturing education


Project no.: 2019-KA203-01-P3

Project description:

The DIG-MAN project aims to enhance knowledge concerning the utilization of the digital manufacturing tools at higher education focusing on all phases of product development and manufacturing – starting from innovation and product development (i.e. via prototype testing, manufacturing, and quality control) to final product quality control.

Project funding:

The European Union programme Erasmus+

Period of project implementation: 2019-09-01 - 2022-08-31

Project coordinator: Estonian University of Life Sciences

Project partners: Kaunas University of Technology, University of Stavanger, Rzeszow University of Technology, Centoform Srl

Regita Bendikienė

2019 - 2022

Department of Production Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design