Vladas Lašas

Vladas Lašas (Lithuania) is a Doctor of Science, entrepreneur, public figure, graduate of Kaunas University of Technology.

He is the founder and the General Director of the company Skubios Siuntos representing the network UPS, co-owner of the technology company Elinta, which is one of the largest providers of industrial automation services and products in Lithuania. In 2010, in cooperation with Sir Richard Branson and several other entrepreneurs Dr Lašas established a non-profit organisation Carbon War Room which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Dr Lašas was given the international Business for Peace Award (2012) by the Business for Peace Foundation established by the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and International Chamber of Commerce. He was also awarded the Oslo Business for Peace Award for the search of solutions to the globally important problems, dissemination of innovations, for both successful and socially responsible business.

Merits to the University:

  • Dr Lašas is the ambassador of KTU start-up incubator Startup Space, he provides consultations to young entrepreneurs, is facilitating networking in Lithuania and abroad
  • Long-standing sponsorship of the event Startup Weekend Lithuania organised by KTU; a number of successful online businesses were started and more than a hundred prototypes were developed during this event;
  • Entrepreneur himself, Vladas Lašas supported the initiative of KTU students and lecturers to develop the first Lithuanian nano-satellite LitSat-1 in cooperation with the Lithuanian Space Association
  • Dr Lašas is a visiting teacher at the University; he is a member of the Master’s thesis defence commission of KTU School of Economics and Management

Title of Honorary Doctor is awarded for fostering the interaction of science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in Lithuania and Kaunas University of Technology through personal contribution and international relations.