Ulrich Daldrup

Ulrich Daldrup (Germany) is a Doctor of Science, politician, Mayor of Aachen (1994–1999), expert of the international cooperation and humanitarian aid; for many years he worked and lived in Africa and Asia.

Politician was the vice-president of the largest energy sector cluster in the European Union “Energy Hills”. Later he was the chairman of the European Agency for Sustainable Energy, EASE.

Daldrup is the member or chairman of the boards of numerous German and international organisations.

The title of Honorary Doctor was awarded for the following merits to the University:

  • Daldrup was one of the main initiators and particularly active partners of the first institutions of business support and the first business incubator in Lithuania – Business Incubator of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU VI), founded in Kaunas in 1998. He was a mediator when the German Government allocated 100 thousand German marks (51 thousand euros) for the founded Centre.