Terence Henry McLaughlin

Terence Henry McLaughlin (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) – scientist of Cambridge University, world class educologist, education philosopher who provided substantial contribution to the strengthening of the position of educology in Lithuania and at KTU, in particular.

Scientist has a very wide area of research: education goals and values in the liberal pluralistic democratic society, educational rights of parents, social, personal and moral education, common and specialised schools, school ethos, development of citizenship, national identity and education, the role of theoretical ideas in the educational practice.

Over different periods, T. H. McLaughlin took managing positions at Cambridge University. He taught at this university from 1979.

In 1997, T. H. McLaughlin prepared for translation into Lithuanian and KTU in cooperation with the Open Lithuania Foundation published his monograph “Contemporary Philosophy of Education: Democracy, Values, Diversity (publishing house “Technologija”, Kaunas). It approaches the issues of educational responsibility in the context of public and personal values, the issues of the child’s public education, multiculturalism, citizenship, and nationality in the area of education, analyses various aspects of education in the context of liberalism and the issues of educational rights of parents.

The title of Honorary Doctor was awarded for the following merits to the University:

  • Scientist gave lectures and seminars to the lecturers and Doctoral Students of the Faculty of Administration (now – Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities); he was the visiting professor of the University;
  • Participated in the joint research with the researchers of the former KTU Educology Institute. He and professor Palmira Jucevičienė wrote the chapter “Education, democracy and forming of the national identity” for the book “Education, Autonomy and Democratic Citizenship” (publishing house “Reuters”, London, 1997).