Teodoro Forcht-Dagi

Teodoro Forcht-Dagi (United States of America) is a professor at the Queen’s University Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Harvard Medical School (USA), neurosurgeon, member of the biomedical entrepreneurship board of Harvard Health Science and Technology programme.

Famous neurosurgeon is a member of the board of the company Vittamed, which is commercialising the radical innovation developed by KTU scientists – the non-invasive absolute value intracranial pressure meter – in the global market.

Merits to the University:

  • T. F. Dagi closely cooperates with the researchers of KTU Health Telematics Science Institute in the areas of technology and innovation development for the human brain research and diagnostics
  • He has been providing consultations and prepared medical projects in cooperation with the University’s scientists for many years
  • Professor contributed to the development of the first non-invasive absolute value intracranial pressure measurement device in the world developed by KTU scientists, and its introduction to the market
  • T. F. Dagi has organised traineeships of the University’s Doctoral students and young Doctors of Science at Harvard University
  • He assisted KTU researchers in preparation of three applications for general clinical projects at the USA National Institute of Health, co-authored research papers with the University’s scientists in prestigious scientific journals of the USA

Title of Honorary Doctor is awarded for a productive partnership with Kaunas University of Technology in the fields of human brain research and diagnostics technologies and innovation development, as well as for a significant contribution to fostering the potential of PhD students and young scientists.