Stasys Bačkaitis

Stasys Bačkaitis (United States of America) is a doctor of science, mechanical engineer, specialist of road safety, well known Lithuanian expatriate.

He is a long-standing employee of the US Department of Transportation – leading engineer, responsible for the road safety protection standards, representing the interests of the USA road safety in various road safety committees. Also, Bačkaitis is the chairman of the Traffic Committee for Human Protection at the USA Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), member of the Ethics Committee of the USA Department of Transportation, USA member of the Lithuanian Engineers and Architects Association.

Bačkaitis organised and led international symposiums for mechanics and human safety; he was honoured by the USA President Dwight Eisenhower at the White House, as the most distinguished young immigrant in the central regions of the USA.

The title of Honorary Doctor was awarded for the following merits to the University:

  • With the help of other American Lithuanians, he initiated and organised the preparation of business administration specialists at the former Faculty of Administration.
  • In 1991, he visited the Faculty and learned about its history, employees, conducted expert analysis of the present study programmes, consulted the Faculty’s employees on the USA education system and organisation of studies in the USA universities.
  • After becoming the USA chairman of the Advisory Council at the Faculty of Administration, he began improvement of the Faculty’s study programmes, strengthening of its material base; he invited specialists and experts to Lithuania for development of various faculty’s activities.
  • At the initiative of S. Bačkaitis, the members of the Advisory Council visited the Faculty; they gave lectures to students and organised methodological seminars for lecturers, provided methodological material and specialised scientific literature.
  • Thanks to the scientist, the Faculty made close links with the Baltic Fund and the National Foundation located in Washington; representatives of these foundations visited the faculty on several occasions. During the productive cooperation the Faculty prepared for the Master’s studies of administration of public institutions and contracts were made with the USA lecturers.
  • Bačkaitis awarded scholarships to five students who prepared the best course papers in the marketing area in 1993; later he attracted more patrons, who awarded scholarships to the University’s students.
Stasys Bačkaitis