Sören Mattsson

Sören Mattsson (Sweden) is a professor of medical radiation physics at Lund University, one of the pioneers, founders and consultants of the School of Medical Physics in Lithuania.

The main areas of his scientific research are: natural environments exposure to ionising radiation, application of the ionising radiation in medicine and radioecology. He has published more than 300 articles in the peer-reviewed international journals.

In 1999 Mattsson was appointed the official and authorised representative of the Swedish Radiation Protection Institute for the development of the strategy for safe and high quality services in radiation medicine in the Baltic Region.

Two projects funded by the Swedish government were implemented at his initiative. In cooperation with KTU researchers, the national concept and strategy for the preparation of physics experts was prepared during the implementation of the first project (2002–2005). KTU Master’s programme of Medical Physics in the field of Biophysics was prepared and introduced during the implementation of the second project (2003–2006); Professor Mattsson actively contributed to its preparation.

Professor was an active participant in the programmes for the insurance of radiation protection and monitoring of radioactive contamination in the natural environment of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant region; he was initiator and participant of 4 joint projects with participation of KTU.

The title of KTU Honorary Doctor was awarded for the following merits to the University:

  • Professor Mattsson is an honoured scientist in the area of research and studies of medical physics, in protection of the environment and people from the exposure to radiation
  • Thanks to the Professor, KTU scientists were able to conduct the required scientific research at the experimental research base of Lund University and Malmo University Hospital, and to use Swedish dosimetry equipment
  • Professor Mattsson has donated scientific and methodological literature and equipment for scientific research to KTU Department of Physics
  • Professor provided scientific methodological assistance to the University and cultivated close international cooperation
Sören Mattsson