Roland G. Verhé

Roland G. Verhé (Belgium) is a professor, scientist at Ghent University, specialist of organic and food chemistry.

Professor has actively participated and continues to participate in social activities. He is the member of several international organisations of chemists (including American Chemical Society), various committees and advisory councils.

R. G. Verhé was an active sportsman, runner and winner of Belgian championships. In 1988, he received the National Award of the Kingdom of Belgium for his active social activities; Professor Verhé became the Officer of the Order of Leopold II, in 1994 – Knight of the Order of Leopold II.

The title of Honorary Doctor was awarded for the following merits to the University:

  • During his frequent visits to KTU, Professor gave lectures to students and lecturers, introduced his scientific works to them.
  • R. G. Verhé supported the Faculty of Chemical Technology in every way, particularly the Department of Food Product Technology. Total financial support related to the professor’s coordinating activities made more than 100,000 euros per 2 years.
  • At the Professor’s initiative, quite a few students of the Faculty of Chemical Technology studied at the universities abroad; he provided the funds for the students to be hosted at Ghent University.
Roland G. Verhé