Marijonas Martynaitis

Marijonas Martynaitis (Lithuania) is Professor, Doctor of Science in technology, honoured specialist of science and technology, former head of the Department of Silicate Technology (1956–1962), Rector of KTU (former KPI) (1964–1983).

The main areas of Martynaitis research are technology of construction binding agents, history of higher education, work methodology of schools of higher education.

During the Soviet occupation, at the attempts of the then Rector Martynaitis, the teaching process at the University was conducted in the Lithuanian language. Professor dedicated his entire life and energy to the development of higher education, introduction of scientific achievements in the industry, social issues of students and lecturers, and Lithuania’s cultural life.

Rector Martynaitis was particularly concerned with the efficiency and culture of the work of lecturers. Aiming to improve the lecturers’ qualification, courses of pedagogy and teaching methodology were organised. Later, in 1962, the Department of Pedagogy and Aesthetical Education was established on the basis of these courses; it was an innovation in the technical school of higher education at that time.

Martynaitis made substantial contribution in creation and improvement of the Lithuanian technical terminology. Professor also coordinated the preparation and publication of the Lithuanian polytechnic dictionary.

Martynaitis is the author and co-author of more than 30 scientific papers and 6 books; he prepared, composed or edited the following books: “Kazimieras Baršauskas” (1969), “Kaunas Polytechnic Institute” (1979), “KPI Faculty of Chemical Technology” (1987). In 1959–1961, M. Martynaitis was the chief editor of the journal “Science and Technology” (Lit. “Mokslas ir technika”).

Marijonas Martynaitis