Kazys Šešelgis

Kazys Šešelgis (Lithuania) – Habilitated Doctor of Science in Architecture, Professor, renowned Lithuanian engineer, scientist, architect.

The most significant activities of Šešelgis connected to creating and consistently developing concept of formation of the joint system of urban and rural settlements in Lithuania.

Thanks to Šešelgis and his colleagues, the present heritage of the folk architecture was noticed. He participated in scientific exploratory expeditions in the Lithuanian regions in 1947–1958 and 1970–1996 (he was a supervisor of the exploration works in the monumental villages until 1981), he conducted research on the topic of folk architecture.

Šešelgis published 7 monographs on the Lithuanian folk architecture recording the present and already lost objects.

Professor created a model of the unified system for settlement in the territory of Lithuania; based on this model he (in cooperation with the others) prepared a regional planning scheme in 1967; its authors were awarded the Lithuanian National Prize.

Another Lithuanian National prize was awarded in 1967 for the work “Lithuanian Regional Planning System” supervised by Professor Šešelgis. This work contained an original methodology for characterisation of the settlement and expansion of their network. The work was used for dislocation of the country’s defence forces and formation of cities.

The title of Honorary Professor was awarded for the long-standing scientific activities and attention to the heritage of the Lithuanian folk architecture.

Kazys Šešelgis