Jurgis Kazimieras Staniškis

Jurgis Kazimieras Staniškis (Lithuania) – Professor, Doctor of Science in Technology, environmentalist, electromechanical engineer.

J. K. Staniškis was the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Automation in 1975–1978; Dean in 1978–1982; head of the Department of Production Automation in 1981–1992; guest professor of Lund University from 1991; founder and director of the Institute of Environmental Engineering (APINI) in 1991–2016, now – scientific supervisor.

The scientist is the author of 140 inventions, 300 scientific publications, chief editor of the scientific journal “Environmental Research, Engineering and Management” (Lit. “Aplinkos tyrimai, inžinerija ir vadyba”), member of the editorial boards of the international scientific journals “Waste Management & Research”, “Bioautomation”, “Energy manager”.

The main fields of his scientific research are: systematic solution of environmental problems, prevention of pollution, environmental protection and waste management, simulation and forecasting of the environmental pollution, pool water quality management, sustainable industrial development strategy.

In 2017, J. K. Staniškis became the member of the team of independent experts, appointed by the United Nations (UN) that will prepare the Global Sustainable Development Report for the UN every four years. Among 15 experts representing 193 member states of the UN, J. K. Staniškis is the only representative of the Eastern Europe.

J. K. Staniškis holds the following awards: the Lithuanian Science Prize (2004), Valdas Adamkus Prize (2005), the Cross of Officer Order for Merits to Lithuania (2009), The Baltic Sea Award (2010).

Jurgis Kazimieras Staniškis