Josef Peter Stepanek

Josef Peter Stepanek (Germany) is an engineer, former director of the automation and engineering division of the company “ICT” (Integrated Control Technology GmbH).

J. P. Stepanek was the head of the automation group of large industrial factories in Cologne region, Germany from 1973. Later he was supervising the introduction of the American engines MODICON.

At the attempts of Stepanek, centres of training, engineering and technical maintenance of control technologies were established in 30 countries.

The title of Honorary Patron was awarded for the following merits to the University:

  • In 1994–2000, he provided the Department of Management Technologies of the former KTU Faculty of Electrotechnics with technical equipment and software worth 218 thousand Litas (63 thousand euros) and technical literature for 50 thousand Litas (14.5 thousand euros).
  • Support of J. P. Stepanek helped the Department to become the centre of control technologies in Lithuania.
Josef Peter Stepanek