Jonas Mockus

Jonas Mockus (Lithuania) is a professor, KTU scientist, full member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

Areas of Professor Mockus’ scientific research: global and discrete optimisation theory, methods, algorithms and programmes, their application in design, economics and statistics, research and application of the possibilities of distance studies online.

Professor Mockus worked at KTU from 1969 to 2011; he is one of the enthusiasts of distance studies in Lithuania. Throughout his teaching years he was actively broadcasting lectures to the students of other schools of higher education from the University’s video studio.

Mockus is the editor-in-chief of the international journal “Informatica” (Vilnius), member of the editorial board of the international journal “Journal of Global Optimization” (Springer) and a member of the Stochastic Optimisation Section of the International Federation for Information Processing IFIP.

Professor Mockus was awarded two Lithuanian Science Prizes: for his book “Multi-extreme Design Tasks” in 1968 (Lit. “Daugiaekstremaliniai projektavimo uždaviniai”) (1967, Moscow) and for the cycle of works “Engineering Methods of Global Optimisation” in 1998 (Lit. “Inžineriniai globaliojo optimizavimo metodai”) (1967–1997).

The title of Honorary Doctor was awarded for the long-standing pedagogical and scientific activities.

Jonas Mockus