Jonas Gylys

Jonas Gylys (Lithuania) – Professor, Habilitated Doctor of Science in Technology, energy engineer.

Gylys – long-standing lecturer of Kaunas University of Technology (former KPI), chairman of the Senate’s Commission of Studies, head of the Department of Thermal and Nuclear Energy.

The main areas of Professor Gylys scientific research – safety of nuclear reactors, hydrodynamics, thermal and mass exchanges in two-phase systems. Gylys created the methods for thermal inactivation of sewage water; he is the author of 5 inventions.

Scientist is also one of the authors of the Study of Sense of the Feasibility of the Nuclear Power in Lithuania (2004).

Professor Jonas Gylys is the author of the monograph “Hydrodynamics, Thermal and Mass Exchanges in the Systems of Stable Foam” (1998), textbooks “Introduction to Nuclear Engineering” (1997), “Cycle of Nuclear Fuel”(1999), “Materials of Nuclear Energy Systems”(2000).

He was awarded the Lithuanian Science Prize  in 2002.

Jonas Gylys