John Hillyard Milner

The title of Honorary Patron to Professor John Hillyard Milner (Great Britain) was awarded for the following merits to the University:

  • He helped to make connections with the Western European universities while organising the improvement of the lecturers’ qualification and students’ studies, and improving KTU teaching infrastructure and resources.
  • J. H. Milner made substantial contribution to successful involvement of Lithuanian scientists, lecturers and students in the European Union (EU) training and learning programmes.
  • Thanks to the EU project “TEMPUS”, with participation of Milner, signal processing laboratories were established at the University.
  • With the help of the professor, a dozen KTU lecturers completed traineeships in the universities of England and Denmark.
  • J. H. Millner provided the essential teaching literature for use in research and study process, assisted the University staff in finding partners and organised their visits to the schools of Great Britain.