John Arnoldus Berendse

John Arnoldus Berendse (Kingdom of the Netherlands) – General Director of “FESTO Holding”, founder of KTU – FESTO Industrial Automation Centre.

Founder of various companies and organisations in the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine. At his initiative, Information Office was established in Vilnius in 1994. It facilitated the development of cooperation between Dutch and Lithuanian business and industry.

J. A. Berendse was the member of the General Committee of Hague Chamber of Commerce and Industry, senior advisor at FESTO Academy in Germany. His work is valued by the Dutch Employers Association, Council of the Federation of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Companies and many boards of technical and business unions.

The title of Honorary Doctor was awarded for the following merits to the University:

  • J. A. Berendse was the initiator of KTU – FESTO Industrial Automation Centre. After investment of 1 million German marks (511 thousand euros), this division became the best European organisation for the introduction of the modern technology based on didactics and teaching;
  • Similar industry automation centres were established in other universities and schools of higher education at his initiative;
  • Engineer strengthened material and intellectual bases for the development of the Lithuanian high education schools and the introduction of the modern teaching instruments at KTU.
John Arnoldus Berendse