Irene Lange

Irene Lange (United States of America) is a professor of California State University (USA), long-standing head of the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, internationally recognised specialist of marketing and business communication.

Professor Lange has been and still is an active participant of professional and scientific associations, she has been and still is an active member of more than 30 of these professional assemblies, constantly involved in consultation work. She provided consultations to the following institutions: Marketing Department of the USA, East-West Trade Office, NASA, Finnish Institute of Export.

The title of Honorary Doctor was awarded for the following merits to the University:

  • She used her scientific competence and organisational skills to help during modernisation of KTU, in particular, renewing the study programmes and research in social sciences and studies, business administration.
  • In 1992, as the USA member of the Advisory Council of KTU Faculty of Administration (now – Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities), she participated in the formation of the Faculty’s strategy, the structure of the business administration study programme, business communication modules, provided consultations in preparation of Master’s and Bachelor’s theses.
  • She organised seminars for lecturers and lectures for students.
  • Professor Lange provided the University with textbooks, audio and video teaching material.
  • She supervised KTU lecturers, who came to the States, helped them make scientific contacts and conduct their research work.
  • Irene Lange was a mediator on 26 June 1999, when the cooperation contract was signed between KTU and California State University at the graduation ceremony of KTU Faculty of Administration.
  • Professor had established a one-off scholarship for a KTU student of business and administration and management. From 2011, two scholarships of 500 USA dollars (460 EUR) have been awarded to the talented students with high achievements of KTU Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Irene Lange continues to support Doctoral students of Educology and coordinates their traineeships at California State University.
Irene Lange