Hans Peter Jensen

Hans Peter Jensen (Denmark) is a Doctor of Science, former Rector of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) (1986–2001). He was the President of the Danish Rectors’ Conference for 7 years and the President of the Northern Universities Association for 5 years.

Dr Jensen was involved in various international activities: he was the leader of the UNESCO International Committee on Engineering Education for the Developing Countries for 5 years, was a member of the Scientific Advisory Forum of the European Food Safety Authority for 3 years, a member of the Higher Education and Research Committee at the European Council.

Dr Jensen is specially appreciated by Kaunas City – with his help and advice Sweden allocated 2 million dollars for the construction of Kaunas City water treatment infrastructure.

The title of KTU Honorary Doctor was awarded for the following merits to the University:

  • The cooperation agreement between KTU and DTU, initiated by the Dr Jensen, was the basis for the establishment of the Institute of Environmental Engineering (APINI), which conducts joint scientific research projects
  • The premises at KTU II Chamber (K. Donelaičio Street 20) were renovated and scientific laboratories were equipped at his initiative
  • With the help of Dr Jensen, the Master’s students of APINI acquired a possibility to prepare their Master’s degree works at DTU, and Doctoral students have a chance to conduct scientific research and gain experience in the areas of environmental engineering
  • At the initiative of H. P. Jensen KTU modernisation conference was organised in 1993; the representatives from 20 countries participated in the conference. After this conference a three-cycle system of higher education and a module-credit study system were introduced at the University