Günter Lattermann

Günter Lattermann (Germany) is a scientist of the University of Bayreuth, internationally recognised specialist of the synthesis of liquid crystals.

He worked at the schools of higher education in Mainz, Munich and Bayreuth. He was a member of the Bayreuth University Senate, Committee of International Relations, University Development Commission and Fulbright Scholarship Election Commission.

The team of scientists, assembled by him, was one of the first teams in the world to synthesise liquid crystal dendrometers.

The title of Honorary Doctor was awarded for the following merits to the University:

  • In 1993 professor Lattermann donated “Die Makromolekulare Chemie” journal collection spanning over 10 years, in 2000 he made sure for KTU Library to get 37 volumes of printed and electronic editions of F. Ullmann’s Encyclopaedia of Industrial Chemistry via the German Researchers Union, which value exceeds 50 thousand Litas (14.5 thousand euros).
  • Lattermann also donated five devices to the University in 1997: 2 infrared spectrometers, 1 UV spectrometer and 2 glass chromatographs. Later he prepared new consignments of devices, including: liquid chromatograph, infrared spectrometer, 2 rotary evaporators, 2 analytical balance, etc.
  • In cooperation with professor Lattermann, the lecturers and students of the Faculty of Chemical Technology (CTF) had regular visits to the University of Bayreuth.
  • The renowned scientist delivered lectures to CTF employees, doctoral students and other students, supervised joint projects.
Günter Lattermann