Friedrich Marcks

Friedrich Marcks (Germany) is an engineer, construction specialist for the large objects in Germany and other world countries.

Marcks worked for various construction companies and built large objects in Germany, Scotland, Libya, Nigeria, and Iran. Under his leadership approximately 50 reinforced concrete bridges were built in the Northern Germany, oil extraction objects in Scotland, among his well known construction objects is Dresdner Bank administrative building in Frankfurt am Main.

In 1980–1984, Marcks conducted the research of the German construction market; its results were used for the preparation of the construction concern’s development strategy.

The title of Honorary Doctor was awarded for the following merits to the University:

  • Friedrich Marcks provided scientific literature to the Faculty of Civil Engineering (currently – Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture (SAF), assembled and sent the German construction design standards that could be used in preparation of professional civil engineers able to work according to the standards of the Western countries.
  • Marcks donated personal computers and projector system to the recently established Laboratory for Economic Mathematical Modelling of Construction Processes in the end of 1995. The value of this equipment reached 11 thousands German marks (5,600 EUR). In 2001, this laboratory was named after Friedrich Marcks.
  • The engineer participated in the events of the Faculty and the University, delivered lectures, seminars and workshops, organised internships for students and doctoral students in the largest German construction companies.
  • In 1994, Marcks established the studies foundation of Friedrich Marcks at KTU. Each year 15–20 thousands Litas (4,300-5,800 EUR) were allocated for scholarships. The best students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture are still awarded scholarships from this fund now.
  • Marcks also allocated additional funding for students. For example, in 1996, the engineer allocated 8 thousands German marks (4,000 EUR) for the SAF students’ studies of foreign languages and their preparation to continue studies in the European universities.
  • The patron additionally allocated six premiums from his studies foundation for the best theses of the Faculty’s graduates and Master’s students of Architecture and Landscaping studies in 2003.
Friedrich Marcks