Egons Lavendelis

Egons Lavendelis (Republic of Latvia) – Professor, Rector of Riga Technical University (1985-1999), well known specialist of dynamics and mechanics of deformable bodies.

E. Lavendelis was a long-standing member of the editorial board of the collection of scientific works “Vibrotechnika”, one of the founders and heads of the joint scientific school for the issues of dynamics in Daugavpils and Kaunas.

He had a position of the chairman of the Latvian Rectors’ Council in 1986-1995; he was the president of the Association of Technical Universities of the Baltic Region in 1995-1996; he was the member of the Senate of the Latvian Academy of Sciences in 1996-2001.

Professor made a substantial contribution in the area of the collision theory, research of non-linear mechanical systems, stability of their movement, control optimisation for the complex dynamic systems. His researches of stress-deformation state in rubber, and constructions of composite materials are well known.

The title of Honorary Doctor was awarded for the academic, scientific activities and constant support of technological innovations.

Egons Lavendelis