Danielius Eidukas

Danielius Eidukas (Lithuania) is a professor, Habilitated Doctor of Science in Technology, radio technical engineer, graduate of the University.

In 1959–1962, during postgraduate studies, in cooperation with his scientific supervisor Professor Kazimieras Baršauskas he examined performance characteristics of semi-conductor diodes, proposed the measurement methodology and designed the required equipment. It was the basis for the research and analysis of the transitional processes of semi-conductor diodes with consideration to the time parameters of the given impulse. Theoretical conclusions were tested by the experiments.

The conclusions of the dissertation defended in 1963 enabled the beginning of the new field of research at Kaunas Scientific Institute of Radio Measurement Technique – research of the transitional processes of semi-conductor devices.

In cooperation with co-authors Eidukas prepared twenty textbooks, teaching and methodological tools for KTU students, and ten methodological tools.

Currently Eidukas is the chairman of KTU Qualification Commission of the Scientific Field of Electricity and Electronics Engineering, member of the editorial boards of four scientific journals, chief and scientific editor of the prestigious journal “Elektronika and Elekrotechnika”, chairman of the international conference “Elektronika”, member and chairman of 11 committees of Doctoral studies.

The title of Honorary Professor was awarded for the long-term scientific activities and scientific achievements.