Alfonsas Jurskis

Alfonsas Jurskis (Lithuania) was a radio technical engineer, associate professor, Lieutenant Colonel of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

He taught the fundamentals of the elementary radiotechnics to the battalion’s officers in 1921–1923; he expanded his knowledge in Paris Higher School of Electrotechnics in 1923–1924 with the supervisor of his scientific work – a well-known physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize, Professor Maria Sklodovska-Kiuri.

After his return to Lithuania, Jurskis was the head of Kaunas Radio station in 1926–1930; he taught radio technology, radio acoustics, and electromagnetic radiation at the University in 1926–1944. Jurskis was the Vice-Dean of the former Faculty of Technology and head of the Radio Department in 1940–1944.

Jurskis is the author of the textbooks “Radiotelegraphy” (Lit. “Radiotelegrafija”) (1927), “Fundamentals of Radiotelephony” (Lit. “Radiotelefonijos pagrindai”) (1929), “Radiotechnics” (Lit. “Radiotechnika”) and 33 scientific as well as many publicist articles.

In 1944, he moved to the West with his family, remained a strong patriot of Lithuania.

In 1994, Jurskis’ daughter Snieguolė Jurskytė-Akstinienė and his sons Liutaveras and Juozas Saulius Jurskis established a scholarship marking the 100 anniversary of their father and honouring his memory.

The aim of this scholarship is to support a student of KTU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Lithuanian province.

About the scholarship

Contract on the scholarship was renewed in May 2014.

Competition is announced in the Spring Semester.

Amount of the scholarship is 290 EUR.

Criteria to receive the scholarship:

  • Bachelor’s student of the third/fourth year at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Results of the examination session must be at least 9
  • He/she must be from the provincial town not bigger than the centre of the district
  • To have no academic penalties
  • Practical work skills in the speciality area
Alfonsas Jurskis