Alex Sozonoff

Alex Sozonoff (Kingdom of the Netherlands) is a veteran of the international business, who was working as the Vice-President and General Director of the USA company Hewlett Packard (HP), is the owner of the company Infinet Technologies, the chairman of the board of the private jet network Victor.

While working at HP, Sozonoff was a chairman of the work group that worked on the development of the company’s e-business vision that later became the strategy of HP’s e-services. The entrepreneur created and led the global HP support programmes at FIFA World Cup and Formula One.

After his retirement from HP, Sozonoff became an advisor of the General Director; also, he was a member of the board of HP in Russia, member of the board of HP in Finland and Baltic Region, the chairman of the board of the European wholesale group in Switzerland.

Merits to the University:

  • A. Sozonoff was one of the founders of the National Innovations and Entrepreneurship Centre (NIEC) and start-up incubator KTU Startup Space
  • He constantly encouraged the strengthening of the entrepreneurship culture at the University, helped KTU to forge links with Aalto University (Finland) and Stanford University (USA)

Title of  Honorary Doctor is awarded for fostering Kaunas University of Technology’s relations with Aalto University, helping to establish the Innovation and Business Centre and strengthening the culture of entrepreneurship at the University.