Aleksandras Dambrauskas-Jakštas

Aleksandras Dambrauskas-Jakštas (Lithuania) was a professor, priest, theologian, philosopher, mathematician, literary critic, poet, promoter of the ides of Lithuanian revival and the organiser of the publishing of the Catholic press.

In 1906, Dambrauskas-Jakštas got involved in the social activities and publishing of books, he worked for various newspapers and journals, conducted editing work. In cooperation with other like-minded partners he established the Society of Saint Casimir in Kaunas; he was the chairman of this society’s board (1906–1938). Dambrauskas-Jakštas was awarded the title of Prelate by the Samogitian Bishop Pranciškus Karevičius in 1914.

Dambrauskas-Jakštas was promoting Esperanto language; he was the Head of the Union of Esperantists founded in 1918; he edited the newspaper “Litova stelo” published in Esperanto.

He was elected the chairman of the Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Science in 1926 (till 1938); he was announced the first academic of LKMA in 1933. The preparation of the encyclopaedic dictionary of famous people was started under his leadership.

The title of Honorary doctor was awarded to Dambrauskas-Jakštas at the proposal of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Lithuania.

Aleksandras Dambrauskas-Jakštas