URBAN ORIGAMI: Innovative City Making Strategies

“URBAN ORIGAMI – Innovative City Making Strategies” is an international event aimed to discuss meanwhile uses (temporary urbanism) in the long-term urban regeneration processes and the possibilities of applying this method in Kaunas Aleksotas Innovation Industrial Park (AIIP), which becomes a ‘playground’ for meanwhile. The event is part of the EU-funded project “T-Factor”.
How can we “make” our present and future cities?
Foreign experts and local stakeholders – architects, urbanists, designers, artists, and their communities, entrepreneurs and businesses, researchers, students, potential investors, decision-makers, formal and non-formal city communities, and Kaunas citizens are invited for a joint discussion, exchange of good practices and ideas.
Urban regeneration is not only about cities’ hardware – buildings and infrastructure. It is a fundamental reboot of the urban software – the social, economic, and cultural fabric that makes cities thrive, persist, and mitigate against present and future shared risks. Radical economic, demographic, and climate changes, emerging needs in our neighbourhoods and communities require a new approach to urban development and the application of innovative urban strategies. Meanwhile, spaces enable vibrant urban areas, promote sustainable cities, and multistakeholder engagement to the regeneration process.
Kaunas has become one of the six T-Factor’s pilot cities, together with London, Bilbao, Amsterdam, and others, where the European Commission is investing in the initial urban regeneration phase. Let’s find out “why?”
The event is free of charge. Access with registration and the Green Pass.
Programa | Program
9:00-12:30 | Conference
12:30-13:30 | Round table discussion
14:30-15:15 | Review on engagement in Kaunas AIIP
15:15-18:00 | Meanwhile ideating workshop
Registration and full program –
The event will be broadcast online, the link will be shared before the event. For more information, please visit their Facebook page.
Link to online broadcast: https://www.facebook.com/events/283867856964301/permalink/288056983212055/

November 11 d. 09:00

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