Training | Peaceful Ethical Hacking


Learn to conduct digital space investigations and protect your data from cyber threats. KTU and the Austrian Centre for Peace, funded by the European Union’s augMENTOR project, offer an 8-week course titled “Peaceful Ethical Hacking.”

This course is designed for researchers, students, non-governmental organizations, and conflict prevention specialists.
The course will take place in a virtual environment, allowing each learner to complete tasks at their own pace and convenience. Only 2 hours per week will be required to complete the course.

The course topics: the course covers essential security topics such as antivirus programs, deceptive emails and their recognition, fundamentals of the internet network, security of web applications, and advanced open-source data collection and analysis techniques. Additionally, participants will learn to conduct online investigations, which will aid in research endeavors. This innovative course is presented in a playful and interactive manner, making technically complex phenomena easily understandable regardless of participants’ experience levels. 

Start of courses March 18, 2024
End of courses May 18, 2024.

Upon completion, participants will receive a certified KTU certificate.  

The courses are free of charge (funded by the European Union).

Register now for the course starting on March 18, 2024, and effectively strengthen your abilities to identify and manage digital threats, thereby safeguarding your projects and initiating innovative research. 


March 18 d. - May 18 d.


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