PhD Days 2024


Are you curious about what PhD studies look like? Or are you already a PhD student and would like to meet other peers and gain new skills? The KTU community is invited to the annual event PhD Days 2024 organized by the KTU Doctoral Student Society to take place at the KTU library amphitheatre (Studentų g. 48) on May 14th and May 15th from 16:00 to 21:00.

PhD Days 2024 offers various activities designed to engage and inspire the entire University community. From an insightful round-table discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the PhD path to practical seminars covering essential skills, such as science communication and research planning, there is something for everyone interested in the world of research.

Students are also invited to participate in the main highlight of PhD Days 2024 – the traditional Research Pitch Competition. In this part of the event, presenters will have seven minutes to introduce their research, make their best effort to capture the audience’s and judge’s attention, and try their chance to be selected as the best presenter. All participants are eligible for the audience’s favorite prize, and, additionally, KTU PhD students will compete for a €300 prize. The registration to the competition is still open and can be accessed through this link:

The event will also offer a space for PhD students to meet with each other, share their experiences, and network with other specialists in their field. Bachelor and Master’s students potentially interested in pursuing a PhD in the future are also invited to join and have a first look at the doctoral journey.

Join us to celebrate the passion and dedication of KTU’s PhD students and explore the possibilities of research.

The first PhD day's timetable
The second PhD day's timetable

May 14 d. 16:00 - May 15 d. 21:00

KTU library amphitheatre

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