M. Steponaitis “Charge transporting materials containing diphenylethenyl or diazacene moieties for application in perovskite solar cells” doctoral dissertation defence

Thesis Defense

Author, Institution: Matas Steponaitis, Kaunas University of Technology

Science area, field of science: Natural Sciences, Chemistry, N003

Scientific Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tadas Malinauskas (Kaunas University of Technology, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, N003) 

Dissertation Defence Board of Chemistry Science Field:
Prof. Dr. Saulius Grigalevičius (Kaunas University of Technology, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, N003) – chairperson
Dr. Marius Franskevičius (State Research Institute Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Natural Sciences, Physics, N002)
Prof. Dr. Vytas Martynaitis (Kaunas University of Technology, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, N003)
Prof. Dr. Edvinas Orentas (Vilnius University, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, N003)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jolanta Rousseau (Artois University, France, Natural Sciences, Chemical Engineering, T005)

The doctoral dissertation is available at the library of Kaunas University of Technology (K. Donelaičio g. 20, Kaunas).


During more than a decade of research, many HTMs of various structures were developed for PSCs; however, most of them are expensive or require multi-step synthesis, or both. The two most commonly used materials as p-type semiconductors, spiro-MeOTAD and PTAA, are no exception to the rule. Furthermore, spiro-MeOTAD raises long-term stability concerns due to the dopants which are necessary to achieve great optoelectronic performance. Despite the aforementioned issues, PSCs scientific community seems to have stagnated on spiro-MeOTAD and PTAA as HTMs of choice while in the same time demanding cheaper, more efficient and more stable alternatives for commercial applications. In this PhD thesis, various HTMs have been designed and synthesized in hope to eliminate at least some flaws of the predominantly used p-type charge carriers.

December 20 d. 10:00

Kaunas University of Technology (online)

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