Lecture by a guest lecturer from Malaysia


Dr. Woon Kai Lin “My OLED Exploratory Journey:  A Multidisciplinary Approach”

December 22, 2 PM.
Zoom link: https://liedm.zoom.us/j/86251414736?pwd=cUd2OGt4elJuc1RSck1aZktFcjlCUT09
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Duration: 1 val.

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Organic electronics is a multidisciplinary field bringing in people from diverse disciplines. In this talk, I will briefly introduce my journey including how my research interests have evolved. The use of Thailand Synchrotron light source to quantify interfacial energy alignment and chemical states in disorders systems are introduced. How the lack of understanding has killed OSRAM’s venture into organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology. As the combination of materials in OLED is almost infinite, the use of machine learning is explored. As computational power increased, the question raised whether the performance of the device such as current efficiency can be derived from molecular dynamics simulation coupled with quantum calculations. As the dynamic of the system is limited by current understanding, subnanosecond time-resolved pump-probe is explored to bring alignment with the level of quantum many-body approximation required to describe the system.

Dr. Woon Kai Lin, University of Malaya, autobiography:
A scientist at heart with multidisciplinary and multinational experiences. He is interested in looking at a complex problem from different perspectives and solving it with diverse methods and tools. His research interest is organic electronics: device fabrication, process engineering, optimization, interface physics, molecular photophysics, automation, big data, and machine learning. He has worked on a technology start-up, multinational company, and public institution.

December 22 d. 14:00


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