Kaunas National Drama Theatre Plays in English


Greetings! The National Kaunas Drama Theatre (Laisves Avenue 71) is thrilled to announce English-friendly performances that will be shown during March and April! Enjoy the magic of Lithuanian theatre with English surtitles and immerse yourself in captivating stories on the stage. Don’t miss the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Lithuanian language and the artistry of the play, regardless of your native tongue!


Step into the enchanting world of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” where a shipwreck, sorcery, and themes of forgiveness and redemption unfold on a mysterious island. This timeless classic explores the complexities of human nature and the power of reconciliation. “The Tempest” promises an unforgettable theatrical experience that resonates with audiences of all ages.

 Don’t miss the resonating experience on March 23rd and March 28th.

March 23rd, Saturday, 3 PM, Main stage: Tickets

March 28th, Thursday, 6 PM, Main stage: Tickets

May 11th Saturday, 3 PM, Main stage: Tickets


Embark on a story where magic swirls amidst the soft glow of stage lights, where timeless tales come alive with a modern twist. Director Dr. GoraParasit presents a powerful and healing interpretation of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale set against the backdrop of glacial mythology. BDSM aesthetics allow us to question human nature while simultaneously highlighting the everyday myopia of society, our naivety, and social prejudices. Dr. GoraParasit’s performance explores a range of themes, including glacial ecology, the climate crisis, multilingualism, migration, hate, and social-gender dynamics.

This performance is restricted to audiences aged under 18.

Enjoy the mesmerizing experience on April 6th and April 7th.

April 6th, Saturday, 6 PM, Main stage: Tickets

April 7th, Sunday, 3 PM, Main stage: Tickets


March 23 d. - April 7 d.

Kaunas National Drama Theatre

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