Intercultural Communication: on Board


Multiculturalism is a defining outcome of globalism. Thus intercultural communication skills has become an obligatory part in a description of a successful professional. Meeting someone who has different traditions and mentality is always a challenge, yet once overcome it becomes a firm foundation for future success. In order to help students to develop their intercultural communication skills KTU decided to launch a programme of seminars dedicated to this specific topic. The main idea of the programme is to bring people from different cultures together so that they may discover, learn, share and teach each other about their own native cultures. The interactive seminars will tackle such topics as interpersonalskills, communication skills, general intercultural awareness. 

All are welcome: Lithuanian students, international students (degree and exchange), teachers, administration. Seminars will be conducted by experienced trainers in the intercultural communication Ms. Audronė Gedžiūtė, Phd and Mr. Kanishak Gupta, ESN Educ8er.

Series of seminars starts on 28th of September (Wednesday) at 5:30pm in KTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Studentų St. 48), room 434.

Registration for seminars:

Facebook event here.

The ones who attend more than 70% of the programme will be awarded with certificates indicating the acquired knowledge and skills in the field of intercultural communication.

September 28 d., 2016 14:30

KTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Studentų Str. 48)

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