I. Vaškevičienė “Synthesis and investigation of N-substituted β-alanines and azoles with functionalized aromatic moieties” doctoral dissertation defence

Thesis Defense

Author, Institution: Irena Vaškevičienė, Kaunas University of Technology

Science area, field of science: Natural Sciences, Chemistry, N003

Scientific Supervisor: Prof. Habil. Dr. Vytautas Mickevičius (Kaunas University of Technology, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, N003)

Dissertation Defence Board of Chemistry Science Field:
Prof. Dr. Vytautas Getautis (Kaunas University of Technology, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, N003) – chairman
Dr. Marytė Daškevičienė (Kaunas University of Technology, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, N003)
Prof. Dr. Vytas Martynaitis (Kaunas University of Technology, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, N003)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jolanta Rousseau (Artois University, France, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, N003)
Prof. Habil. Dr. Sigitas Tumkevičius (Vilnius University, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, N003)

The dissertation defence takes place online.

The doctoral dissertation is available at the library of Kaunas University of Technology (K. Donelaičio g. 20, Kaunas).


In medical chemistry, the important derivatives are sulfonamides that as well contain a thiazole moiety. These compounds are known as pharmaceutical agents featuring various biological activities, such as antibacterial, anticancer, and are used as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.
The aim of the research: the synthesis of new variously functionalized 3-(-N-(3- and 4-sulfamoylphenyl)amino)propanoic, 1-substituted 5-oxopyrrolidine-3-carboxylic acids, their derivatives, and the study of structure, chemical and biological properties of the obtained compounds. It has been determined that under different specific conditions, halogenation of 3-(-N-(4-sulfamoylphenyl)amino)propanoic acid allows to replace one or two hydrogen atoms in the aromatic ring with halogen atoms. N-aryl-N-thiocarbamoyl-β-alanines are convenient intermediates for the synthesis of variously functionalized thiazole heterosystems that have amino acid moiety. 3-(1-(4-Sulfamoylphenyl)thioureido)propanoic acid was synthesized, its reactions with α-halocarbonyl compounds were studied, and it has been determined that when the monochloroacetic acid was used, it formed a hydrogenated thiazole derivative, while reaction with α-haloketones obtained the heteroaromatic ring-containing compounds. A series of functionalized aromatic ring-containing 1-aryl-5-oxo-3-pyrrolidinecarboxylic acids, their hydrazides were synthesized, and the reactions of hydrazides with mono- and dicarbonyl compounds, phenylisothiocyanate, carbon disulfide were investigated. The influence of some synthesized compounds on CA inhibitory activity and antibacterial properties of some compounds was determined.

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