CERN Computing and Technology Workshop


CERN coming closer to the Baltics

The largest particle physics laboratory – CERN, based in Geneva, Switzerland and in the neighbouring France – is open to researchers worldwide. It aims to reveal the secrets of Nature by employing unique and ingenious particle accelerators, detectors and dedicated data storage and processing infrastructure.

The challenges related to these ambitious goals and to the edge-of-technology equipment at CERN offer immense field for the creativity of the researchers and engineers involved. From the data perspective alone, the power of processing algorithms for data amounts never seen before must match Moore’s law, doubling almost every 2 years.

A group of specialists from CERN will come to a CERN Computing and Technology Workshop in Vilnius, that will take place 13-14 December this year. Researchers and students from the Baltic states and Finland are welcome to attend both for learning about and for presenting their own actual or intended involvement in CERN programmes. Remote participation via videoconferencing will be possible.

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Grab your chance of a virtual visit to a pinnacle of multidisciplinary research in December. Your career may change there!


December 13 d., 2016 07:00 - December 14 d., 2016 10:00

Vilnius University Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (Šaltinių Street 1A)

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