Research group - Digitalization

The mission of the group – to guide future regional business and society with cutting-edge digitalisation research expertise.

Priority research directions of the group:

Digital transformation of organizations, sectors, and regions:
Digital innovation driven business model transformations and new business models;
Consumer behaviour changes driven by the development of digital technologies;
Digital technologies driven organizational capabilities and affordances;
Digitalisation maturity and technology adoption trends in organizations, sectors, and regions;
Digitalisation and automation of business processes.

Impact of digitalisation on human resources in organizations and beyond
Changes in expatriation and migration in relation to digitalisation;
Organizational behaviour and design changes in digitilisation processes;
Ethics and trust in advanced technologies in organizations.

Digital technologies for inclusive and sustainable industry development:
Industry 4.0 concept and its change;
Digital technologies-enabled service business models and digital servitization ;
The diffusion, complementarity, and effects of digital technologies on industrial companies performance;
Digitalisation roadmaps for industrial companies.

Circular transformation of organizations and value chains:
• Organizational decision-making logic in the circular economy;
Circular innovation driven business model transformations and new business models;

Sustainable (circular) product design through digital technologies;
Circular transformation in resource-intensive and energy-intensive value-chains;
Circular economy modelling and monitoring research in small open economies.


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