Research group - Digitalization

Mission of the group – to guide future regional business and society with cutting-edge digitalization research expertise.

Priority research group directions:

Digitalization of business:
• Business models innovations fostered by digitalization;
• Impact of digitalization on business performance and accountability systems;
• Impact of digitized business operating systems on decision making;
• Circular business models and strategies for circularity.

Digitalization and society: 
• Consumer behaviour changes, fostered by digitalization development;
• Digitalization development influence on workplace innovation;
• Digital leadership.

Digitalization and regions/industry:
• Digitalization and its impact on the socio-economic structures of regions;
• Digital and technological reorganization of industry;
• Socio-technological innovations for increasing efficiency, flexibility and sustainability in global supply chains.


Priorities of R&D Activities Digital Transformation
Smart Cities and Resilient Communities
Transformation of Industry
Lithuanian Smart Specialization Areas and Priorities
Energy and sustainable environment
Inclusive and creative society
Information and communication technologies
New production processes, materials and technologies
Smart, clean, connected transport
Research Fields
Business Models
Digital Transformation
Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
Organisational Development
Sustainable Energy
Transformation of Industry





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